5 Tips to Ensure a Smooth Off Grid Journey!

Going off grid and living a homestead lifestyle is a popular desire, but it’s important to keep in mind that it is hard work. It’s wise to consider these five essential tips before embarking on your journey.

First, you need to make sure that you are physically capable of the labor involved with living off grid. Daily chores become more labor intensive when you are not hooked up to utilities, and you have to conserve energy as much as possible.

Second, it is important to have some basic carpentry and mechanical skills. What you have in materials you often lack in manpower, so being able to fix things yourself is an invaluable skill. Else, you may be forced to wait for someone else to help you out.

Third, many people think that living off grid will be easier since modern conveniences are not always available. However, there are still certain things you will have to give up – such as a conventional coffee maker or microwave. You may need to be prepared to make coffee with a French press or heat plates up in the oven instead.

Fourth, realize that being cut off from the modern world will be a major change of pace. There is no convenience store around the corner or fast food joint nearby. If you forget something in town, you may have no choice but to wait until the next day to pick it up.

Finally, don’t be afraid to learn from other people’s mistakes. It can be difficult to move away from the familiarity of society, but consulting with those who have gone through the process can provide helpful guidance and peace of mind.

Off grid living can be a beautiful and meaningful experience, but you need to have the right mindset and skillset to make it happen. Consider these five tips to ensure your transition from city life to rural living goes as smoothly as possible.

Written by Keith Jacobs

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