Cooking Wild: Wood Nettle Greens Over An Open Fire

Cooking wood nettle greens over a fire is a simple process that can bring out amazing flavor. Wood nettle is a wild edible that grows in moist woodlands and is often overlooked due to stinging nettle taking over much of foraging literature. Wood nettle greens taste like spinach, but with a mild citrus like flavor. Though these plants sting, water eliminates the stinging properties and once cooked they become a true delicacy.

Wood nettle is a very nutritious wild edible providing protein, fiber, and important vitamins and minerals. The uses of wood nettle are not limited to food however. They can be used for medicine and even making rope. This is one wild edible you need to learn and add to your diet. Being easy to harvest and add to normal conventional recipes ensures this wild edible plant will be a staple in your foraged foods for years to come.

Cooking wood nettle greens over a fire is an easy process that requires minimal ingredients. Start by gathering wood nettle greens and washing them in cold water. Once washed, place the greens in a pan over a fire and cook until tender. You can also add butter or oil to the pan for added flavor. Once cooked, enjoy the amazing flavor of wood nettle greens.

Wood nettle is an amazing wild edible that should not be overlooked. It is easy to harvest and can be added to many conventional recipes. Not only is it delicious, but it also provides important vitamins and minerals. Cooking wood nettle greens over a fire is a simple process that ensures amazing flavor. Try it today and enjoy the amazing flavor of this wild edible!

Written by Keith Jacobs

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