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Importance of Home Butchery and Meat Preservation

Imagine a scenario where electricity is power scarce, the availability of meat in local stores is close to none. Scary, isn’t it? The basic meats that we usually take for granted could become a luxury. It’s high time we take a page out of our ancestors’ book: learn the art of home butchery and meat preservation.

The Art of Home Butchery

As a foundation for self-reliant living, home butchery is essential. The fear of it often stems from the lack of knowledge and practice. But remember, skill is power and you can become a seasoned home butcher with some persistence.

Steps for home butchery:

  1. Choose Your Animal: Start with a common small animal like chickens or rabbits. They require lesser space and are easier to handle for beginners.
  2. Slaughtering: This is an emotionally challenging step for many; however, ensure a quick and painless end to honor the animal’s contribution to your survival.
  3. Feather / Fur Removal and Cleaning: This involves removing the fur/feathers and cleaning the insides carefully without rupturing any organs.
  4. Cutting and Packaging: Depending upon your use, divide the meat into pieces.

Making the Cut: Meat Preservation

Now that you’re the butcher, it’s time to play the survivalist too. In an off-grid situation, the meat obviously can’t live in the fridge indefinitely. There’s no need to panic, as countless generations have navigated this issue magnificently using preservation techniques


A traditional method that imparts a unique flavor. It involves exposing the meat to smoke, thereby drying it and preventing microbial growth.


As the name suggests, meat is coated in salt, which draws out moisture and creates an inhospitable environment for bacteria, thereby preserving the meat.


The meat is cut into pieces, cooked, and packed into cans with a small amount of liquid. The cans are then sealed and cooked, effectively sterilizing the contents and preserving the meat.


If you happen to have access to a freezer, freezing is a simple and effective means of preserving meat.

Overcoming the Fear

Confronting the fear of butchery and meat preservation can be intimidating. But remember, these skills were commonplace for our ancestors. It’s a healthy, respectful way to appreciate the cycle of life and affirm our position within it. It’s time we shake off the fear of the unknown and equip ourselves with the knowledge to survive. Start practicing these skills today, so when the time comes, you aren’t found wanting.
Home Butchery and Meat Preservation

Written by Keith Jacobs

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