Survive a Crocodile Attack: Proven Tips to Stay Alive!

The following tips can help you survive a crocodile attack. The first and most important piece of advice is to remain calm. Crocodiles are capable of an incredible burst of speed over short distances, requiring you to be quick on your feet. Try to remain stationary and appear as uninteresting as possible to the crocodile. Avoid eye contact, and back away slowly if you can.

Second, if a crocodile puts you in its sights and begins to charge, try to ensure that it is unable to grab you. Jumping into water can be a good tactic, as long as the water is deep enough that the croc can’t reach you from the bottom. If you cannot jump in the water, retreat slowly and try to put something solid between you and the crocodile. Trees, rocks, and barriers are all good options if you can find them.

Third, if you can’t make an escape, try scaring off the crocodile. Yell, bang objects together or throw rocks at it to distract it from its attack. This may be enough to convince the crocodile to give up the hunt and make an escape.

Finally, if all else fails, fight for your life. Attack the animal’s eyes or snout with whatever might be at hand: sticks, bottles, rocks—anything you can use as a weapon to inflict pain. Crocodiles also respond to pressure differently than other animals, so applying pressure to its snout or belly may also cause it to release its grip.

Surviving a crocodile attack requires quick-thinking and courage, but if you stay calm and follow these tips, you may be able to make it out alive.

Written by Keith Jacobs

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