Survive a Tsunami: Learn How to Stay Safe!

When it comes to a tsunami, no one is truly safe; preparation is key. The first and most important step to ensure survival is to always be aware of a potentially impending tsunami. Scientists monitor movements of the earth, the shorelines, and any seismic activity that could cause a tsunami. It’s important to keep informed of their findings and heed any warnings or evacuation orders given.

Another way to survive a tsunami is to properly prepare for it. Make sure that emergency supplies and emergency plans are in place. Have an emergency kit with basic supplies such as food, water, tools and medical supplies that would be necessary in an emergency situation. Also create a plan that outlines steps to take in the event of a tsunami, including evacuation routes and designated safe areas.

Once a tsunami is occurring, it is important to move away from the coast as quickly as possible. Evacuate to higher ground and stay there until the danger has passed. If possible, move away from any large buildings or structures that could collapse in the powerful waves. It is also important to stay away from rivers and streams, as these can flood rapidly in the powerful waves of a tsunami.

When possible, stay calm and listen for instructions from officials who may have set up shelters. Even though tsunamis can be devastating, with proper preparation, education and awareness, anyone can stand a chance of surviving one.

Written by Keith Jacobs

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