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Transform Your Garden Into A Nutritious Pantry: Top Flowers To Grow And Eat!

Edible Flowers for Your Salads – Learn from an Expert Gardener at Baker Creek Farm

If you are a lover of fresh salads, then why not add some edible flowers to your mix? Today, we are going to get some insights on the benefits of incorporating different flowers into your salad mix. Mike, the host of Homesteady, is talking to an expert gardener, Sarah, from Baker Creek Farm in Missouri. Sarah is about to share some valuable information that can help you choose the best edible flowers for your salad.


Sarah says that nasturtiums are one of her favorite edible flowers to add to salads. She picks a deep red one and tastes it right in front of the camera. She says that they have a nice, spicy and sweet flavor, and will definitely add a unique kick to your salad. She also mentions that nasturtiums come in different colors, and you can try yellow, white, orange, pink, and many more.


Next up, Sarah picks some yellow calendula flowers. These are less spicy and sweeter than the nasturtiums, giving a slightly different taste to your salad. She says that calendula grows almost anywhere and is pretty low-maintenance, producing flowers throughout the season.


Sarah then points out some dahlias, which come in various colors and sizes. These flowers would add more than just flavor to your salad; they are incredibly beautiful and look great on a table as a centerpiece. Although relatively mild, Sarah advises only eating the petal and not the entire flower. The dahlias taste sweet and juicy, almost like a lettuce leaf.


Pansies are another edible flower that Sarah adds to the mix. Like dahlias, they come in different colors and can be grown as self-seeding annual plants. Sarah describes these as a sweet flower, leaving a sweet-tart taste behind.

Where to Buy Edible Flowers?

If you are interested in purchasing these edible flowers, you can get them from Baker Creek, which has a wide variety of seeds available for purchase. Head to their website or sign up to receive their free catalog to see what’s available.


There you have it, folks – some expert insights on adding edible flowers to your salad mix. Nasturtiums, calendula, dahlias, and pansies are great choices for color, taste, and beauty. Not only are these flowers delicious, but they also add color and a new dimension to your salad. So, the next time you are harvesting your greens, think of adding some colorful and delicious flowers for some added fun and nutrition. Happy gardening!

Written by Keith Jacobs

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