Unlock Your Garden’s Potential: Must-Have ⛏ Tools

As the weather warms up, many of us are dreaming of creating the perfect garden. But before you can start planting, you need the right tools. Wren from Insteading has compiled a list of her top 12 tools for gardening and why each one will make an incredible difference in your gardening experience.

The first tool on Wren’s list is a good pair of gloves. Not only will gloves protect your hands from dirt and debris, but they will also keep your hands safe from sharp tools and thorns. A good pair of gloves will also help you grip the tools better and make your gardening experience more comfortable.

The second tool is a trowel. This is a must-have for any gardener and is used for digging, planting, and weeding. A trowel is also great for scooping soil, compost, and fertilizer. It is important to choose a trowel that is comfortable to use and has a good grip.

The third tool on Wren’s list is a garden fork. This tool is great for loosening soil and turning compost. It is also useful for digging out weeds and aerating the soil. When choosing a garden fork, make sure it is made of durable material and has a comfortable handle.

The fourth tool is a spade. This tool is great for digging holes for planting trees and shrubs. It is also useful for edging beds and creating pathways. When choosing a spade, make sure it is made of strong material and has a comfortable handle.

These are just four of the twelve tools that Wren recommends for gardening. With the right tools, you can create the perfect garden and enjoy the fruits of your labor. So get out there and get your hands in the dirt- because it is time to grow!

Written by Keith Jacobs

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