Create Rich Soil in No Time with a Bathtub Worm Bin!

Easy worm composting with a bathtub worm bin can save gardeners money and hassle. But more than that, it’s an investment for a healthier garden and a cleaner environment. Worm castings are the richest, purest form of compost available, but buying them gets expensive quickly. And instead of adding to the landfill, why not make our own?

Setting up a worm bin in the back yard is a simple and cheap way to get started with worm composting. An old bath tub works great, as it’s big enough to hold a lot of worms plus give them enough space to be comfortable. A few extra materials like a few bricks, some garden fabric, an old towel, and a piece of plywood are all that’s needed. That’s it! But don’t forget to put some compost worms in it – these little red wigglers are the workhorses of your worm bin.

Once you’ve set up your bathtub worm bin, you can start adding your kitchen scraps. Feeding your worms is simple: just add new material on top of the existing material and mix it lightly in. The worms will do the rest, working night and day to break down organic matter into a rich and nutritious soil amendment – worm castings! And don’t forget to harvest some “worm tea” to fertilize the garden – tap water mixed with the liquid that drains from the bin is all you need.

Easy worm composting with a bathtub worm bin can save gardeners money and turn kitchen scraps into rich soil amendments. With just a few materials, you can have an efficient and cost-effective worm bin to help your garden thrive!

Written by Keith Jacobs

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