Transform BAD Fruit Tree to AWESOME: Here’s How!

The first step in the process is to select your scion wood. Ideally, you want a shoot that is 1/4″ in diameter, with five or more buds in a 3-4″ section. Additionally, select scions from fruit trees that have done well in your local climate and in season. Planting fruit trees that are locally adapted makes them more likely to do well and bear good fruit.

Next, you want to prepare the tree and make the cuts. First, identify a good place to make the grafts on the tree, then cut the top off just above it. The second cut is in the middle of the scion wood and must be a wedge shape, which is called a whip or tongue graft. Make sure the wedge or tongue goes in one end of the scion wood and cut it too long for the bud union of the intended tree. When the wedge is cut, you carefully slide it into the notch you just made in the trunk of the tree. Secure it with flagging tape or grafting tape and voila! The graft is complete!

Grafting is an incredible way to turn a bad fruit tree into something great. All you need are some scions from productive trees, a pair of pruners, your wedge cutting skills and some flagging tape – and voila! You got yourself an awesome new fruit tree!

Written by Keith Jacobs

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