Is China Attempting to STARVE the World with Sinister Fishing Strategy?

China’s Impact on Global Fishing

Recent reports have raised concerns about China’s influence on the global seafood supply. Satellite images have revealed a vast Chinese-owned “floating city” located off the coast of Argentina, which is larger than Washington, D.C. This structure is positioned beyond the 200th nautical mile from Argentina’s coast, placing it within international waters and making its operations technically legal.

China’s Fishing Strategy

The primary purpose of this floating city is to fish in Argentina’s waters and then transport the seafood back to China. This approach has raised eyebrows, especially since the vessels can remain stationed for years, extracting vast amounts of seafood without contributing to the local economy or paying taxes.

Environmental Concerns

China’s aggressive fishing strategy could have dire consequences for marine biodiversity. Experts believe that the South Atlantic could soon be devoid of fish due to overfishing. The Pacific Ocean is also under threat, with predictions indicating a potential loss of 80% of its biodiversity in the coming years. Such activities could lead to the extinction of 25 to 100 different ocean species annually.

Impact on Other Fisheries

Reports suggest that China’s fishing activities are not limited to the South Atlantic. There are indications of disguised boats being used in the North Atlantic to dredge lobsters, a method that disregards the preservation of breeding populations. Such practices could undo over a century of sustainable lobster fishing efforts.

Global Implications

China’s approach to fishing is seen by some as a strategic move to undermine other nations’ ability to feed themselves. With the world’s superpowers vying for global dominance, the health of our oceans and the sustainability of our food sources are becoming increasingly critical issues.

Written by Keith Jacobs

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