Offering essential tips and strategies for those starting their journey into homesteading.

Understanding the Necessity of Homesteading

Recent global events have profoundly demonstrated the importance of self-reliance and practical survival skills. Our modern comforts could potentially become unavailable, leaving us to rely completely on our abilities to survive. This unsettling potential reality may spark fear, but it also presents an excellent opportunity — the chance to begin your journey into homesteading.

Getting Started: Choosing Your Homestead

Your homestead location is crucial. It will not only serve as your home but also your primary source of food, water, and other essential resources. Consider the climate, soil quality, natural resources, and potential natural disasters. This might be intimidating, but understanding these factors is key to ensuring the sustainability of your homestead.

Design Your Homestead

  • Map out your land: Understand the layout of your property. Recognize where sunlight falls, water collects, and wind travels, as these factors can significantly influence your homesteading success.
  • Plan for livestock: Even if livestock isn’t in your immediate plan, designing your homestead with potential for chicken coops, beehives, or other animal accommodations is a good idea.
  • Identify areas for growing: Ensure you have plenty of space for vegetable gardens, fruit trees, and possibly more specialized crops like a medicinal herb garden.

Master Essential Survival Skills

No one is born a survivalist, but anyone can become one with practice and dedication. From starting a fire without matches to identifying edible plants and purifying water, mastering these skills can literally be the difference between life and death.

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Written by Keith Jacobs

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