Unlock the Secrets! How To Identify Jewel Weed & Spotted Touch Me Not

Jewel weed is a very useful medicinal plant that is used to help with poison ivy and bug bites. It has a natural anti-inflammatory and cooling effect on the skin that helps to soothe the itch and burning sensation that comes from these irritations. The juice from the stem can be used directly on the skin or it can be made into a salve or cream. It’s also used to help with other skin irritations such as eczema, psoriasis, and even sunburns. To use jewel weed for medicinal purposes you can either pick the stems and leaves off of the plant or you can buy it in a dried form. When using it fresh, you can either rub the stem directly on the affected area or you can make a paste by crushing the leaves and stems together and adding some water. This paste can then be applied directly to the skin. If you are using the dried form, you can make a tea by boiling the leaves and stems in water for 15 minutes and then straining out the plant material. This tea can then be used as a wash or a compress on the affected area.

Jewel weed is an amazing medicinal plant that is easy to identify and use. It’s a great natural remedy for poison ivy, bug bites, and other skin irritations. With its unique flowers and translucent stem, it’s easy to spot in the wild and can be used fresh or dried to make salves, creams, teas, and washes. So next time you’re out in nature, keep an eye out for this amazing plant!

Written by Keith Jacobs

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